Thursday, November 10, 2011


THE HORRIFIED mom of one of the boys allegedly abused by pervert football coach "Dirty" Jerry Sandusky said she was proud of her son for speaking out against one of the giants of football.
The woman who did not wish to be named said she had challenged the respected Penn State defensive coordinator as far back as 1998, but nothing had happened.  She told The Patriot News: "He admitted to taking the shower, he admitted to some extent something bad happened. The shocking revelations come as the Nittany Lions' legendary coach, Joe Paterno was fired over the scandal. STORY HERE.
"He asked her for forgiveness. He said 'I probably won't get it from you,' and then he said 'I wish I were dead.'"
Her statement came after a riot broke out involving thousands of Penn State football fans erupted last night at the announcement their long-term head coach Joe Paterno would be sacked with "immediate effect" for his role in the sex scandal which has rocked the university. 
The college's Board of Trustees also forced the resignation of president Graham Spanier. 
Paterno, 84, had said he would retire at the end of the 2011 season but the trustees stepped in to tell the legendary coach he will never take charge of another game following the allegations of a cover up.
But the boy's mom said he was in the right for taking a stand. 
His allegation led to the three-year grand jury investigation that resulted in sexual assault charges.
The allegations against Sandusky include eight named victims who have testified that the coach befriended them through the charitable Second Mile Organization he founded.
After mentoring the boys plying them with gifts, trips to sporting events and access to the Penn State football facilities, and then sexually assaulted them.
As we reported here the number of victims may have doubled to at least 20 since police released two lines for victims to come forward.

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