Monday, November 28, 2011


HE DEFINITELY wasn't a jolly, happy soul and when he came to life one day, all he did was get into a brawl. 
Yes Frosty the Snowman or Kevin Michael Walsh as he's more commonly known was busted for scuffling with police and kicking a police dog during the annual Christmas parade in Chestertown, MD. 
Sgt. John A. Dolgos told the Star Democrat that the 52-year-old who has apparently played the beloved snowman for 10-years in the parade, became agitated when a dog handling officer tried to escort him away from the crowd.
One astonished onlooker said: "It was just so funny.
Here you have a guy in the snowman costume in a heated debate with a cop and then he gets led away.
"It seemed so ridiculous really."
Walsh for his part says he he did nothing wrong and was wrongfully arrested after an officer hassled him after he made a joke about the police dog's presence at the parade.
We'll be intrigued to see whether cops follow up the charges or whether like Frosty himself, they melt away.

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