Monday, November 28, 2011


SHE was so wasted that she was seeing little blue men and couldn't remember her own name. 
This was after she'd smashed her car up. 
But then Sarah Boushey, came up with a novel excuse for her horrific drunk driving - she'd been watching "The Smurfs" movie with her daughter. 
Worse still, it was her four-year-old who filled in the blanks - like her name - bluntly telling cops: "she's drunk."   
San Francisco cops found the incoherent 42-year-old had a blood alcohol limit of more than three times the legal limit, which probably had something to do with the half-empty bottle of vodka in her purse. 
San Francisco DA Steve Wagstaffe told SF Weekly: "I'm not a big fan of the Smurfs, but not enough to drink like that."
"The worst part is that a 4-year-old would know what being drunk is - she knew mommy was drunk and that just tells you that mommy is drunk around her a lot." Meanwhile, a San Mateo County judge has issued a warrant for Boushey's arrest after she failed to show up at court

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