Saturday, November 5, 2011


A HALLOWEEN horror came true when a gorgeous teen who went out dressed as a Zombie and covered in fake blood was brutally beaten to death.
Taylor Van Diest, 18, had planned to meet a pal to go trick or treating in the small Okanagan town of Armstrong, BC.  
She never arrived. 
Instead her family got a call from someone who had found her cellphone around 7:30pm and they reported her missing. 
A search party was launched and she was found, viciously beaten, less than a mile from her home by her boyfriend Colton Luttmerding.
His mom told CTV that the 18-year-old was horrified by the gruesome discovery and still too distraught to speak.
At that point she was still alive, but although she was taken to hospital, she later died from her horrific injuries. 
Mounties have put more than 40 Homicide detectives onto the case, determined to find out what happened to the well liked youngster. 
RCMP spokesperson Gordon Molendyk are refusing to reveal anymore details on what happened to Van Diest, but he said they were determined to find her killer.
He told the Globe And Mail“We want to solve this case. This community needs closure. The family and the community needs to heal."
"We are pulling all available resources that we can put into this case. We want to solve this crime."
He added that police are waiting on an autopsy report before they can any information on how Miss Van Diest was killed.   

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