Saturday, November 5, 2011


A MURDEROUS mom who went great lengths to cover her tracks during the brutal slay of her six-year-old son, has pleaded guilty to the killing.
As we reported here Julianne McCrery sparked a massive search after dumping Camden Hughes at the side of a dirt track in Maine. Prosecutors said she treated the boy like he  was "an inconvenience," so she came up with a dastardly plan to bump him off. 
Driving from her Irving TX home, she stayed in a New Hampshire motel for a weekend before suffocating him to death. 
The 42-year-old admitted that  she gave her son a dose of Nyquil and waited an hour before placing one hand over his mouth. 

She then proceeded to smother his face into the pillows, telling cops that his arms and legs were flailing for several minutes and then he was still. 
An autopsy determined he had died from asphyxiation
She then dumped his body on a dirt road in South Berwick, Maine, under a blanket before making her way back home.   
Even as a huge nationwide appeal was launched to discover Camden's identity, she was calling his school on a daily basis to report him absent.   
Susan Morrell, senior assistant attorney general told the court in Rockingham that she had thought about the different ways of killing him during their trip and had also planned to kill herself. 
McCrery treated Camden like he was "an inconvenience," she said. 
The evil mom is expected to be to be sentenced to 45 years to life in prison on Jan. 13, after pleading guilty to second degree murder.

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