Friday, November 18, 2011


POLICE and the family of missing Indiana co-ed Lauren Spierer, pictured right,  are hoping famed private eye Bo Dietl will give the frustrating probe an extra boost. Dietl has been given probationary permission to investigate the pretty blonde's disappearance. Spierer, 20, vanished on June 3 in Bloomington, Indiana after a heavy night of boozing and partying with pals. She has not been seen since and there have been few clues to her fate.
Her mom Charlene said: "Lauren is an important part of our family, and every day with out her is a lost day. It's lost without Lauren. As far as we're concerned, it's like the first day we heard that she was missing.  We're just as passionate and intently searching to find Lauren."
The family are hoping Dietl--a famed onetime NYPD detective--can make the difference. MORE FROM FOX 59

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