Friday, November 25, 2011


THEY should have been giving thanks, but instead the family of the fourth child to die at the hands of mad Mary Ann Holder's murderous rampage were mourning the loss of their 15-year-old girl.
Innocent Makayla Leigh Woods, the girlfriend of Holder's son Zachary Smith who also died from gunshot wounds, passed away yesterday.
Holder 36 went crazy after her lover Russell Lamb dumped her to go back to his wife Jennifer, shooting several bullets at him, before she eventually managed to hit him, although he survived.
After making his escape, he called Jennifer who in turn alerted the cops, who immediately made their way to Holder's Greensboro, NC home.
But when a sheriff's deputy spotted Holder's black SUV, she was found dead inside with a gunshot to the head, and her son Zachary Smith, 17, was critically wounded in the back seat.
Searching her home they found the bodies of her other son Robert Dylan Smith 17, Makayla and Holder's eight-year-old niece Hannaleigh Suttles.
All had been shot in the head. 
Guilford County Sheriff BJ Barnes called the grisly killings: "One of the worst situations I've seen in my 30 years in law enforcement."
He also told the News & Record that despite the fact that she had left by two suicide taking responsibility for the shootings, police said a definite motive is not yet clear.
“This will be the $64,000 question because we don’t have anyone alive who can answer it. A couple of theories have gone up in the air, but we really don’t know yet.”

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