Thursday, November 24, 2011


WITH no clues in the hunt for missing baby little Lisa Irwin, investigators have shut down a command post which was working exclusively on the case. 
For more than six weeks a huge team has been working to discover what happened to the 10-month-old youngster who mysteriously disappeared from her bedroom one night. 
But with the little to go on and leads into the toddlers disappearance slowing considerably other cases began to demand the attention of the both cops and the FBI. 
A core of seven or eight detectives will remain assigned to the baby Lisa case, police said, but the detectives now also will take on other cases from their respective units.FBI agents also will continue to work with police at the same level as before, police said.
Capt. Steve Young said told the Kansas City Star: "The people who are working this are not going to let this go. But we have other cases and other victims.”
Cops have yet to name any suspects in the case but as we reported here relations between them and  Lisa's parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have often been strained. 
Officers have previously accused them of not cooperating in the case.

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