Sunday, November 20, 2011


SHE'S NUTS - and now she's facing jail for them.
Because Annick Richardson could now be put behind bars for up to 60 days for feeding squirrels on her neighbors property.
She claims her only crime is caring too much, but she admitted her love of fattening up her furry friends was "excessive" telling WDTN that she was, "trying to refrain myself."
But to neighbors she's a menace and her nut loving friends are little more than pests who ruin gardens, clogging air conditioners with peanuts and even chewing through car wiring.
One Don DuBon: "She won't stop. She won't listen to police. She won't listen to the animal control officer."
Another woman even told us of how she had to move, in part, because of her grandson's severe peanut allergy.
But Richardson says she felt bad about that situation and relocated one of her feeders.
She said: "It's the parents or guardians responsibility to make sure the child is not going to pick up anything and it's my responsibility not to put any on her side."
But that hasn't stopped her being charged with two counts of criminal trespassing for going on other people's properties to pass out the peanuts.
She said: "What I will do is reduce dramatically in the springtime and feed them mainly on my property but I will have a few exceptions."
She'll be in court for a pre-trial hearing in December.

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