Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Justin Bieber wasn’t quite so tough when confronted by former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson about his deadly driving habits, TMZ reports. The gossip website said Johnson had become so fed up with the petulant pop star he tried to confront him but Bieber ran away “like a scared child”, eyewitnesses told the site.
 Johnson apparently had just left a party Monday evening inside the exclusive gated community in posh Calabasas — he also had his child in the car — when Bieber raced by in his Ferrari at high speed. The grid great was furious and felt someone could have been killed. He took his child home then chased Bieber in his Prius. Johnson then blocked the teen heartthrob’s Ferrari and
confronted Bieber face-to-face but the terrified Baby singer ran inside his mansion and refused to come out. TMZ added that at least two people called police on Bieber. The website said witnesses said the singer appeared stoned.  The incident is just the latest in a

series of faux pas, fumbles and beligerent behaviour from Bieber who is fast wearing out his welcome with fans.

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