Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Gary Maldonado says his wife Yanira is wrongly being held on drug possession charges in Mexico.
Mormon mom of seven Yanira Maldonado and her family are claiming she was framed trying to bring marijuana into Mexico. Now, the Arizona woman is living her worst nightmare rotting in a Mexican jail. Her family says that the reefer was discovered under her seat on a commercial bust -- but it wasn't her's.
Her daughter Anna Soto told FOX 10: "If you would've known my mom, if you would've met her — you would know she had nothing to do with it."
Soto added that when she spoke with her mother: "She started crying and...she's like, 'I have faith that people will help us, that we will get out of this together as a family'."

The distraught daughter added that a Mexican lawyer hinted a bribe to cops might be in order. Guy Maldonado raised $5,000 but it was refused.
The couple were returning from a funeral in Mexico when their bus was stopped. After the Federales
discovered the pot, Yanira was arrested.
A relative said Yanira "had a rough night. Their interrogation included putting her in a non-air-conditioned room and waking her up several times in the middle of night — trying to get her to sign documents that she said she couldn't read."

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