Wednesday, June 5, 2013


THIS is the moment a quick thinking 10-year-old foiled two armed robbers by firing their own gun after one of them dropped it, cops say.

Posing as delivery men, the two suspects broke into the home and told everyone, including two teenage girls, to get on the floor, before demanding cash from everyone.
But when one of the men went to the second floor of the Brooklyn NY residence, a woman slammed a door on his hand making him drop the gun.
Picking it up, the youngster fired a shot, scaring the thieves, who promptly turned and bolted.
There were no injuries.
Officials described the suspects and black and in their 20's. One was wearing a Fedex uniform.
Neighbours called the boy 'a hero' and were quick to praise his quick thinking.
"Bravery man, bravery," resident Serge Duthely told CBS New York. 
"He saved his siblings lives. Not a lot of people would readily act like that. That's instincts. I'm very proud of him."
The family were however, more reserved saying in a statement that the victims were "all traumatized" and that they wanted to continue with their daily routines.

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