Thursday, June 6, 2013


ARRIVING at scene they spotted the camouflaged man holding an assault rifle and immediately put the place in lockdown.
Gearing up they pulled out their weapons and stormed the building, surrounding the man and demanding the he put down his gun.

The LA office they stormed was owned by game development company Robotoki, who had only just installed an "armed threat" panic button.
According to Geekscape an unnamed employee spotted the new button, felt the need to push it and then left the office for the day, leaving company head Robert Bowling in the office.
Officers assumed he was being held hostage.
But after 15-minutes of the armed man refusing to respond to their comands, in fact not moving or talking at all they realised all might not be what it seemed.
In fact, they'd been talking to a Ghost, or a statue of the character Ghost from the multimillion selling computer game series Call Of Duty.
Bowling had been given it for his work on the game.
Needless to say, there were few red faces when the truth was discovered, but Bowling said the police were good about it.
He called them: "Good dudes and all smiles."

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