Thursday, June 6, 2013


HE CALLED himself the "Polite Bandit" but he'll need a lot more than good manners where he's likely to end up.
Cops say 67-year-old Robert Raymond walked into the First Niagara Bank in Hamden, Conn and handed the teller a note.
"This is what I want you to do," it read, referencing a bank robbery.
It went on to say that he had a controlled bomb which could be activated by a cell phone in his pocket, which he would detonate if the teller activated the alarms.
"Please give me all the money you can," he continued, signed, "the polite bandit."
The teller handed him the cash there was a dye pack in it, which would explode the moment it was opened, covering him in paint.

What Raymond didn't know was that the alarm had already been activated and so as he made his way down a nearby street, cops were already on their way.
According to NBC Conneticut officers quickly caught up with him and when they arrested him, he told them about the bomb in the bag.
Inside was a box marked "detonator" and "contains C4" along with a cell phone, fertilizer and the stolen money.
The bomb squad detonated the box.
According to the incident report, Raymond later told police that he knew he was going to get caught and admitted to making the fake bomb in his basement.
He added that he was desperate after his girlfriend had duped him out of a large sum of money.
He's now been charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree larceny and first-degree breach of the peace.
Held on a $500,000 bail, he's due in court on June 18.

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