Thursday, June 6, 2013


SHOCKING might be the best way to describe Thomas Edwards' attempted marriage proposal.
Because the naked 22-year-old ended up being tasered by cops after arriving at the wrong house in the middle of the night and terrifying the actual home owners.
Edwards told cops his girlfriend had instructed him to ask for her hand in the buff.
So at around 3:30am he arrived at what he thought was her Orlando, FL, home and began to take his clothes off.
Needless to say the actual homeowner was somewhat perturbed and immediately called the cops.
"Can you see what he's doing now," the dispatcher asks at one point.
"Er he's kind of walking around and taking his pants off," the confused caller reveals.
The Orlando Sentinel have the full call here. 
When officers arrived they found Edwards, who told them his name was Zim, and they told him to get dressed.
He refused, telling them his girlfriend had told him to come over, but when the owner confirmed they'd never seen him before, either dressed or undressed, officers insisted he put his clothes on.
Edwards then told them that, "he just wanted to go to jail" and enquired whether head butting one of them would get him there.
Officer's advised him not to, so the baffled bachelor spat in one of their faces.
He was promptly tasered and taken to the station where he was charged with indecent exposure, battery on an officer and burglary.
Whether he'll get wed now, remains to be seen.

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