Monday, June 3, 2013


A BARMY llama caused high drama when cops had to taser the spitting beast before they could return him to his South Florida home.
The seven-year-old menace, called Scooter somehow managed to get out of his enclosure late Friday and decided to go for a wander on the roads near his South Tallahassee home.
His owner Jack Conrad said he couldn't exactly be sure when his six-foot creature went missing, but he'd started looking the moment he realised that he'd gone.
"Eventually the word got out," he told the Tallahassee Democrat.
Cops said that drivers began calling in around 11pm, but despite their best efforts they couldn't find the fleet footed escapee.
"Our main concern was that he was going to get hit by a car and either get hurt or hurt someone else, Deputy Tony Drzewiecki told WCTV.
It wasn't until the sun rose that they were able to spot Scooter, casually wandering along a main road, oblivious to the trouble he was causing.
But if they thought he would come easy, cops had another thing coming.
Clearly enjoying his taste of freedom, as cops and his owners tried to wrangle him into a trailer he fought them every step of the way.
Deputy Drzewiecki said: "I've been doing this 20-years and they said there was going to be a lot of excitement in this job, but no one ever told me I would get spit in the face by a llama and trampled by one.
"It was apparent he was going to cause an accident. So we had to tase it."
He added that Scooter calmed down considerably after his capture, eating his favorite snacks.
His owner meanwhile, thanked officers for their help and promised to look into how Scooter managed to get out.
He faces no citations or fines, despite the trouble cause.


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