Monday, June 3, 2013


THEY'LL get detention for this - police detention.
A spilled cup of punch at a kindergarten graduation ceremony, led to a sidewalk brawl which saw eight people arrested cops say.
Parents at Cleveland's Michael R. White School had been looking forward to a "joyous day" police commander Wayne Drummond revealed.
But as families gathered, a couple of teenagers got into a dispute over some spilled punch and stepped outside to continue it.
The fight quickly escalated, with people picking up sticks and at least one person arming themselves with a hammer.
City schools spokesperson, Roseann Canfora, said none of them were students at the school.  

Fortunately there was no serious injuries and cops were able to separate the warring parties quickly after they arrived at the scene.
 Seven adults and one teenager were arrested for aggravated rioting and prosecutors will now decide on whether to charged them.
Commander Drummond added: "It's just sad that it was marred by some adults who should be setting an example to the kids on how to behave."

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