Monday, June 3, 2013


TWO 'STUPID WOMEN' have landed behind bars after they stole from a store because it was on their bucket list. 
Dumb duo Andrea Mobley, 36, and pal Jennifer Morrow, 38, decided that stealing from a retail store was definitely something they wanted to do before they died. 
So the longtime friends walked into Walmart in Ocala, FL, and pilfered a couple of bathing suits and some beef jerky. 
Mobley was also found wearing another bikini under her clothes. 
She told a judge: "We were two stupid women doing something we never did before. I'm ashamed of this whole situation." 
"It's not something I wanted to do, but we both decided to do it." 
She added that it was an impulsive thing.
The pair were easily spotted by store detectives, mainly because Mobley was eating the jerky in store, they were quickly stopped and a search revealed the items. 
The pair now face petty theft charges. 


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