Friday, June 7, 2013


A TWISTED mom who allowed her mentally ill daughter to be prostituted, raped and impregnated had the nerve to ask about regaining custody.
"That would be the worst thing that could happen," a judge told Cheryl Tchida after listening to what  her teenage daughter with the mental capacity of a five-year-old, who also suffers from dwarfism had been through .
It emerged that Tchida thought it would be fine to leave 19-year-old, who has an IQ of just 45, at a St Paul, Minn, motel with a 17-year-old "friend" who she'd met days earlier at a fast food restaurant.
It was the start of a nightmare for the unsupervised youngster who can't even tell time, read or care for herself.
Along with her "friend" were five other men, including the boys uncle,
identified in court documents as Hassan Muhammad, 32, the Pioneer Press reports.
One of them set up an online dating account on the LiveLinks website advertising her as a prostitute, charging $200 per sexual act.
The girl told cops she had non-consensual sex with five men that night, after Muhammad threatened to harm her if she didn't.
Tchida, 51, missed the teen's frantic call for a ride home the following day and when she called back Muhammad picked up.
He allegedly told her that the youngster, "needs more chocolate and isn't coming home."
Rather than go looking for her daughter Tchida left her in his evil clutches and for the next two days he repeatedly had sex with her at his apartment.  
If that wasn't bad enough, after he allowed her leave and Tchida found out what happened, she took her daughter back to him.
The sick pervert had bombarded the youngster with text messages.
Muhammad told the girl she needed to dress in shorts, a tank top and high heel sandals, which Tchida again allowed, before dropping her off at his apartment.
Again the girl was taken to a motel and forced to have sex with multiple men fro $200 per act.
It was only last August, when she realised her daughter was pregnant that she went to the cops.
"Yeah I dropped the ball," she told officers.
After she pled guilty to neglect, the horrified judge Gary Bastian sentenced her to six months in the workhouse, 185 days stayed sentence for two years probation.

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