Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bizarre Jocelyn Wildenstein sued by former PA

The bizarre New York socialite known at "The Cat Woman" for her plastic surgery penchant and giving onlookers paws, is in hot water.
Jocelyn Wildenstein -- a one-time beauty turned freak show -- is stinking rich but that didn't stop her from stiffing a personal assistant. Now, Geeta Rampersaud says Wildenstein owes her $13,952.31 in wages and expenses but with interest it comes to more than $33,000. The Bride of Wildenstein has exhausted all her appeals.

The cosmetic-surgery junkie hit the jackpot in a divorce from her billionaire hubby in the late 1990s after she caught him in bed with his 19-year-old playmate.
 Besides going under the knife, Wildenstein seems to revel in not paying the help.

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