Monday, September 22, 2014

Satanic cult forced me to have sex with 2,000 men

Colin Batley fathered a child with the teenager who was forced to run away aged 18Jacqueline Marling forced her daughter to have group sex when she was just 14A woman whose twisted mother made her have sex with nearly 2,000 men as part of a bizarre Satanic sex cult has broken her silence for the first time. The victim of the sickening abuse -- who is calling herself Annabelle Forest -- told the DAILY MAIL that she was initiated in the evil group after watching her mother perform oral sex on the cult's guru, Colin Batley, when she was only 7 in Wales. At 11, she was raped twice by Batley and three years later forced to take part in group sex with her mother. And it all took place on a small street that included two other households.

"Nothing can hurt me as much as my mum and that man. My mother was an evil woman and I'll never forgive her," Forest told the Mail. "To be abused like that by your own mum beggars belief'"
In her recently released memoir, Forest reveals she had slept with almost 2,000 men by her 18th birthday after being forced in to prostitution to raise money for the cult's bizarre 'church'.
The couple's twisted ideology was based on the Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley, and made children believe they were proving themselves to god by having sex with other members. Batley and Forest's monster mother Jacqueline Marling are currently in jail.

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