Friday, October 31, 2014

Cops: 'Killer had sex with corpse, went for haircut'

He brutally murdered his roommate and had sex with her with her corpse, before going for a haircut, cops said.
Cops picked up Bryan Santana as he had his locks chopped at an Orlando Barber shop, just hours after he committed his sickening crime.
The 20-year-old had earlier strangled and stabbed Walt Disney World trainer Shelby Fazio in the neck.
After another roommate spotted some of the 23-year-olds blood smeared on their shared hallway, Santana pepper sprayed him and tried to stab him, but he was able to get away, cops said.  

Leaving the bloodbath he walked into Euro Cuts, telling owner Bernard Brown he wanted to look good for a date.
Cops waited and surrounded him and he left the store, before charging him with first degree murder and attempted murder.

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