Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Serial killer Darren Vann's ex: 'He wasn't violent'

HAMMOND, INDIANA -- The former wife of suspected serial killer Darren Deon Vann said her ex-hubby was never violent when they were together.
"This is all unbelievable to me," the unidentified woman said. "A total shocker. I never knew him to be violent, never.  He was so protective of those around him. He was a real friendly person, that's why all this is a shock to me. He had a job all the time; if he lost one, he would quickly get another one."

Vann, 43, has told cops that his murderous rampage goes back 20 years. So far, he has confessed to murdering seven women and dumping their bodies in the abandoned homes in ramshackle Gary, Indiana.  
Vann's bloodlust came unraveled after the body of prostitute Afrikka Hardy, 19, at a Motel 6 in Hammond. Her prostitution partners grew concerned that her raunchy rendez-vous with Vann was running too long. He strangled her to death with an extension cord.

"He admitted his involvement in the Hammond incident," John D. Dought, chief of police for Hammond, said at a news conference. "And expressed interest in notifying police of other incidents he was involved with."
Vann helped police locate the bodies of six more victims in Gary over the weekend, bringing the number of victims to seven, Dought said.
Authorities say more victims might be discovered as the investigation continues.

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