Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sick Satanist Pazuzu Algarad ate "still-beating heart"

CLEMMONS, NORTH CAROLINA — More sickening details are emerging about the twisted lives of accused Satanist killers Pazuzu Algarad and Amber Burch. The evil duo are accused of the ritualistic murder of two men at their home.
Now, a friend of Burch she said the bizarrely named Pazuzu bragged about getting high from eating the  “still-beating heart” of a sacrificial animal -- and murdering two hookers. Inside the house, was a horror show, the pal said.
“It reeked of feces and urine,” said the friend. “You didn’t get a good feeling walking into that house at all. It was dark. It was like a lifeless house. It was creepy.”  On one visit, Pazuzu was naked and the couple tried to entice the pal into a sexual three-way.

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