Thursday, January 20, 2011


AN ASTONISHING reunion has taken place this week when Carlina White – snatched from an emergency room as a tiny baby – was reunited with her mom.
Back in 1987, Joy White was frantic with worry, when she found her precious 19-day-old daughter gone from the hospital emergency room. Cops launched a huge manhunt, but despite their best efforts, failed to turn up the little girl. Joy however refused to give up hope.
‘I never gave up looking for her,” Joy told the New York Post. “I’ve been worried all these years. Her picture is still on my dresser."
A few years ago 23-year-old Carlina then going by the name Nejdra Nance began to suspect that she was not biologically related to her family. As a teenager she’d never been able to find her birth certificate.

But after doing an internet search she discovered a missing child website and was stunned when she found pictures of a baby virtually identical to her own. So she sent them to Joy – who agreed that the similarity was striking.
After contacting the NYPD they had a DNA test which proved Nejdra was in fact Carlina Renea White – the baby who’d gone missing all those years ago.
“I missed 23-years of her life,” said Joy. “For now we’re just going to take it day by day."
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