Thursday, January 20, 2011


Cops on Long Island have identified one of the victim's of a serial killer who dumped his victim's bodies on an isolated beach. Suffolk County cops revealed that Megan Waterman, an alleged craigslist prostitute from Maine was the victim of foul play but refused to offer more details.
"I knew since she first went missing that something terrible had happened to her,"  Waterman's mother Lorraine Ela of Portland, told the Daily News. "I had that motherly instinct. I knew once they found those bodies, it wasn't going to be a positive outcome, but I still held out hope."
Waterman's body was identified through a DNA match, and police said they were closing in on identifying the three other bodies. The Suffolk DA said "progress is being made" and hinted detectives were closing in and that the public has been cooperative in providing info on the missing women.

Friends and families have provided DNA and dental records to help ID the remaining three victims.
Waterman, 22, was last seen at a Holiday Inn on Long Island during Memorial Day weekend.
Waterman's family in Maine revealed she had traveled with her boyfriend, Akeem Cruz, 21, of Brooklyn. He is now doing a  jolt in a Maine jail for drug trafficking.
Detectives discovered the killing ground while searching for craigslist hooker Shannon Gilber, 24. She remains missing.

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