Thursday, January 20, 2011


Soaring sex drive
A swinging Air force Sergeant who went to kinky wife-swapping parties has gone down for eight years because he didn’t tell people he had HIV.
Sgt David Gutierrez ‘Played Russian Roulette’ with numerous lives, sleeping with a large number of people.
Although he knew he had the deadly disease the philandering flyboy refused to use protection even though his commanding officer had ordered him to tell people and use condoms.
Astonishingly it seems that despite his irresponsible behaviour no one was infected, but one woman who had slept with him said she was: “Kind of mortified.” Gutierrez, 43, told the Court Martial that he was encouraged to continue going to the events by his wife, adding that no one would have had sex with him if they had known about this disease.
He was also dishonorably discharged from the Air Force.

Prosecutor Sam Kid had sought 18 years imprisonment saying: "The accused was not thinking about his victims.”
But after getting eight-years he was nonetheless delighted.
“There was no excuse for what he did,” he said.
“He was ordered by his superior officer to tell sexual partners and use protection. He didn’t.”

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