Monday, March 28, 2011


A NOTORIOUSLY bad tipping car wash customer shot dead a Chicago car wash worker who told him was just that. Tightwad Marcus Gordon, 40, was arrested on the weekend in the ridiculous August 6 slaying of Cesar Rosales. Mr. Cheap--also known as 'Shorty G' as in 'G, I'm short. I have no money for a tip'--took his Toyota Camry in for a wash. But the crew refused to dry the car because he was soooooo cheap in the past. What does a tightwad do? Gets his gun and shoots his tormentor to death.
Before Rosales died, he "stumbled into the store and made a dying declaration that the guy they had fought with earlier came back for him, came back to kill him."
Rosales’ girlfriend, Luz Montanez, told the Sun-Times “God is good!”
when she learned Gordon had been arrested and charged. Rosales “lived for his eight children” who are aged 12 to 20 and live in his homeland of Guatemala, she said. Rosales emigrated in 2001 and worked as a welder but took on extra work at the car wash so he could send money to Guatemala, she said.
“He worked for tips,” Montanez said. “There were no wages other than tips.”
Rosales had complained to her previously about a couple of difficult customers who refused to tip, she said.
“His family will be so happy to hear they have caught someone.”

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  1. There'is always an easy option other than not tipping....just do it yourself.