Monday, March 28, 2011


IT'S NOT the type of anniversary you celebrate. Karen Wilson, 48 if she's still alive, disappeared without a trace nearly three decades ago near her university campus in Colinie, NY.
The pretty brunette, a senior political science major at the University of Albany, vanished two months from graduation. After planning a trip to Florida, Wilson had called her roommate, letting her know she was on her way home for dinner, and decided to take a stroll down Fuller Avenue to get back to her dorm. She was never seen again.
Like her father Taylor, a high-ranking Air Force officer, Wilson was hunting for a
career in the foreign service, having completed an internship at the State Assembly. Cops around the country have tirelessly tracked leads on the case since Wilson’s disappearance 26 years ago. Though the investigation hasn’t brought much luck, cops say that the case remains open. Unfortunately, forensic experts have said that there is very little to work on and that there is absolutely no crime scene or traces of DNA left behind. And with no eyewitnesses to help point law enforcement in the right direction, the case may only get colder.
The Cold Case Unit reopened the case in 2009, sending out a statewide request asking for information. This led to some new tips that suggested Wilson might have been involved with ex State Sen. Ronald Stafford, but this too came to nothing.She was 5’3” and weighed 114 lbs. A Caucasian female, she had brown hair, brown eyes and possibly wore glasses.  She was last seen in faded blue Levi jeans, a light blue short-sleeved pullover Izod golf shirt, three-quarter length cream-colored women’s raincoat, white sneakers, a size 5 1/5, 14-carat yellow gold ring with light blue stone, a Seiko watch with a black face, plastic earrings and a yellow and white two-strand necklace.


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