Monday, March 28, 2011


BE true to your school holds new meaning for a teen with an underwear fetish. Cops say John Gallagher, 19, was arrested for burglary and unlawful entry after stealing the underwear from Platte County High School in Missouri.  Cops say Gallagher climbed into the school through an unlocked window and went into both boys’ and girls’ lockers. When he found the underwear and had joyfully masturbated, he disposed of the garments in an empty locker.

But this wasn’t the first time Gallagher committed this little number—cops say he had busted into the school 11 different times according to security footage. What tipped off teachers wasn’t the security camera, though. Officials started getting suspicious when a
boy discovered a used condom tied to his sneaker in the locker room. Students had also earlier reported that they had chased an unidentified man, wearing a FedEx uniform, out of the boys’ locker room. After cops contacted FedEx about the sleazy man parading in their uniform, they were able to determine his identity: Gallagher the undie sniffer.

Gallagher is currently being held on a $5000 bond in the Platte County Jail. If he’s convicted of the burglary charge, he could face up to seven years in the slammer.

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