Monday, March 21, 2011


MAD Mirinda Boob was secretly taped by her brother-in-law providing what cops later described as crucial information about the morning her husband was killed.
Boob is accused of conspiring with lover and co-worker Ronald Heichel to have her hubby bumped off so they could claim his life insurance money carry on their affair. 
So together they hired Kermit Butts for $5000 and a together they plotted his slaying. 
Then in August 2009 the pair drove to the Boob house in Center County, Pennsylvania and Heichel lured Sam Boob into his own garage and blasted him with a shotgun.
Sam died instantly. Heichel and Boob then escaped and returned to work.  
As part of their investigation cops got her brother-in-law Ben Cort to wear
a wire and secretly tape conversations in the hope of helping with a conviction.

On them she can also be heard telling him that she didn’t know for sure who shot her husband, but she believed it was the person she was sending the text messages
“I know who did it,” she said.
“All I know is his name. I met him at Snappy’s.”
While she didn't admit to her part in the crime at one point during the hours of conversation she told him: “I did get a weird text message on my phone.
“There was a guy that was going to do a pond that I talked to.”
Cops believe "doing a pond" was code for the killing.  
Later she said she worried that the man’s friends would hurt her if she identified him.
“It’s like he’s in the mafia,” she said.
She denies murder charges, while lover Heichel claims that she is trying to pin the crime on him.
The trial continues.

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