Monday, March 21, 2011


AN LA fire captain brutally beat a woman to death in a drunken rage after offering to help her get off the street.
David Del Toro, 54, denied murdering Jennifer Flores, who he had met years earlier when when she dated his former roommate, but could not explain how she died or the large pool of her blood cops found on her living room floor.
The 23-year Fire Department veteran said that in August 2006 he had allowed Flores to wash her clothes and stay overnight and wash her clothes.
He told the jury that they'd exchanged harsh words when he refused to let her borrow his pickup truck and he'd grabbed her when she had argued.
But he said that after a lot of booze he went to bed drunk and exhausted, leaving Flores watching television on the living room couch.
He said he woke during the night and cleaned a mess including the bed that
he could not explain before returning to bed.
But the jury didn't believe him and he was found guilty of 2nd Degree Murder. 
Richard Flores the victim’s brother told the LA Times: “He’s not going to suffer as much as he made my sister suffer. He’s shown no remorse for his actions. That was evidenced during trial."

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