Monday, March 21, 2011


AN abusive ex- cop is the only suspect in the murder of his beautiful ex-wife, who's black and blue body was found beaten to death.  
Cops are convinced Eddy Coello, a former housing cop who was forced to retire from the NYPD after a domestic dispute with his previous wife, is behind the grisly killing of Tina Adovasio, 40.  
The 38-year-old was the last person to see her alive at their Bronx
home which he'd moved out of after Adovasio had filed for divorce in Feburary.
Her body was found near a Westchester highway, close to his mother's home, where he'd moved after the split. 
"We know who did it -- he did it," a police source told the New York Post.
"We're working on the chain of evidence and connecting all the dots."

They added that he is currently crashing with his mother near the spot where his estranged wife Tina Adovasio's body was found. 
An autopsy found she had been strangled and suffered blunt-force trauma to her head and chest.
The ex-cop cop has an appalling record of abuse, including one assault against Adovasio, who after seven years with him, finally ended their marriage in February. 
The couple has a 5-year-old daughter, Mia, who now lives with her maternal grandmother in upstate.
Coello voluntarily showed up at the 45th Precinct station house in The Bronx on Thursday. He left after 24 minutes, refusing to submit his DNA or look at pictures pertaining to the case.

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