Friday, May 6, 2011


INFAMOUS serial killer, the Original Night Stalker who murdered at least 10 people and sexually assaulted more than 50 has been linked to at least two more deaths using modern DNA technology.
Considered to be one the worst and most prolific unapprehended serial offenders in America the notorious murderer terrorized South California in the late 1970s with a string of shocking deaths.  
Typically he would target middle class homes and stealthily sneaking in late at night.
Then he would wake his victims at gunpoint, tie them up killing the men with a bullet to the brain and the battering their corpses.
The women weren't so lucky, often subjected to horrific sexual
assaults over a long time before being bludgeoned to death.
When he was done, he would ransack the home and leave their rotting corpses.
Early in his spree he only targeted women and became known as the  East Area Rapist, but emboldened by the law's inability to catch him, he moved on to couples.
Now thanks to new DNA technology cops know that in the July of 1981, 35-year-old Cheri Domingo and 27-year- old Gregory Sanchez were murdered in Goleta by the elusive killer.
Less than two years earlier, in 1979, 44-year-old Doctor Robert Offerman and 35-year-old Alexandria Manning were also murdered just blocks away and it seems he returned to his hunting ground.
"There were bloodstains on the sidewalk leading to the bridge across the creek," Roger Millikan, who's lived nearby for 40 years, told KSBY.
He added that says the serial killer's m-o seemed to be murdering unmarried couples.
He said: "Some people were even talking about posting their marriage license in the window as a precaution. "
Investigators collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the house, but the case ran cold until detectives re-examined it with a better DNA kit.
Investigators think the killer would now be in his 50s or 60s and have vowed not to stop until they catch him.
An investigator said: "With technology getting better and better, we're hoping it will be a matter of time. One thing's for sure, we will not give up. If it takes one year or 100, we will get him."

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