Friday, May 6, 2011


REMEMBER the story we brought you about the depressed woman who was having her paralyzed pet kangaroo taken away from her - Well good news.
Christie Carr can now keep Irwin the disabled red kangaroo within the city limits of Broken Arrow, OK after a council meeting voted unanimously that she could keep him.
They had been worried that the Aussie native might grow up to 7 feet tall, weigh more than 200 pounds and bound 25 feet in a single leap.
But veterinarians say Irwin will probably not grow larger than 50 pounds because of his injury. 
Irwin fractured his neck and suffered brain damage when he ran into a fence and he can only hop with assistance, and cannot stand or walk on his own.
Carr, who is clinically depressed, met him while volunteering at a local animal sanctuary, offered to take him home and nurse him back to health. 
"Irwin is my life," she told a council meeting. 
"He's given me strength. My life centers around him," Carr said. "Irwin has brought me out of my shell."

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