Friday, June 24, 2011


CASEY Anthony's mom threw her daughter a massive lifeline yesterday when she admitted that she was the one who searched for chloroform online - not her daughter.
Blowing a potentially huge hole in the prosecution's theory that Casey Anthony had searched Google for information on the knockout drug, Cindy Anthony claimed she had meant to search for "chlorophyll" in relation to a concern for her two dogs.
Open mouthed prosecutors looked on aghast as she told the court: "I was concerned about my smallest Yorkie. We have two Yorkie puppies. The smallest one was having some issues where she was extremely tired all the time. Both of the dogs would eat the bamboo leaves out the back.
"So I started looking up sources from the back yard that could cause her to be more sleepy, and I started with ‘chlorophyll’ and that prompted me to look up ‘chloroform'" 
She added that after a colleague had mentioned a health scare over hand sanitizers and their dangers to children she had also typed in search terms such as ‘hydrogen peroxide’ and ‘alcohol’ reports WKMG.
Finally Cindy said she did not search "neck-breaking" but she remembers a pop-up ad containing the word.
Her testimony left prosecutor's aghast, as it put pay to their theory that Casey Anthony had been plotting her daughter's murder in the months leading up to her death.
And they quickly challenged her pointing out that she had been at work at the time of some of the searches.
But Cindy countered that she had left early.
Visibly angry State attorney Diane Drane-Burdick asked her why she had only just brought up her claims three years on.
Cindy replied: "I did tell law enforcement. In fact, I told you during my deposition in 2009 that I made those searches."
Worse still for the prosecution who claimed a stain in the trunk of Casey' Pontiac Sunfire was as a result of Caylee's body being placed there, Cindy said it was there when she bought the car.  

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