Friday, June 24, 2011


EITHER he was in severe pain or he was just plain crazy.
But Charles Akin Rempe claimed he had been blasting his semiautomatic pistol because he had: "a fishhook embedded in his butt," and he wanted to get their attention.
Quite why he couldn't pick up the phone remains a mystery, but neighbors Frederick, MD apartment said he'd been making noise for a few hours.
Cops said he feared someone was trying to break into his house and got the hook stuck when he was trying to flee the perceived danger, police said.
Lieutenant Clark Pennington told AOL: "He felt that there were people that were trying to break into his home - he thought he was in danger," 

"The fish hook was a result of the actions he took to get away."
Amazingly he didn't hit anyone with the .45 gun even through one round went through a side window and lodged in the brick wall of an adjacent building. 
Charges are pending but cops took him to hospital first. 

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