Thursday, June 23, 2011


UPDATE: Whoops. Looks like Justin Bieber's notoriously overzealous bodyguards have done it again: they thought a crazed fan--a man in his 40s--was attacking the Bieb. Oh, oh. It was an undercover cop. Same crew recently terrorized Bieb's home town with high-speed hijinks.
NOOOOOO. Teen superstar Justin Bieber was viciously attacked by a man at a promotional event in New York yesterday. The terrified heartthrob was knocked down and suffered minor injuries out side Macy's in Herald Square. The attacker was in his 40s and taken into custody and given a summons for disorderly conduct, according to the New York Daily News.
Apparently, the nutbar is a fan which of course is hard enough to believe with most 12-year-olds but there you go.
The News said amateur video of the attack showed cops nabbing the attacker (hater?) and hustling the 17-year-old Bieb back into the store. Thousands of
pre-pubescent girls waited for the singer who was launching his new fragrance, "Someday" (hahahaha). Amber Wende, 13, told the News three of her friends had one of their momsdrive them to New York so they could hunt Bieb down.
She said: "We went to the Today Show then 'The View' and to Macy's. "He stared at us for 10 seconds. I know he saw us."

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