Tuesday, June 21, 2011


THEY tugged on the heartstrings, claiming they were collecting almost $700 for the funeral of a baby that didn't exist. 
Cruel Chasity Doll and Tiffany Lyon printed a picture from the internet and claimed it was baby Justin Michael Farrell, who had died of a heart condition. 
Darting in and out of traffic with a sign, the scammed $700 from the good people of Modesto, CA after claiming he had passed away in the city.
Sgt. Craig Gundlach told Fox 40: "They have tugged on the heartstrings of people and taken advantage of them and that's really what is difficult to understand."
The conniving pair were spotted by a cop holding up a sign with a baby’s photo and asking for funeral donations. 
He asked how the baby died and what hospital he died at—but neither Doll nor Lyon had answers and when he called the county coroner he found out why. 
They told him there was no record of baby Farrell ever passing away in Modesto.
Gundlach added: "What we know is that there a lot of good hearted people here in Modesto who are willing to give money to those in need, and we also have individuals in Modesto who are ready to take advantage."

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