Tuesday, June 21, 2011


CASEY Anthony's lawyers are expected to call her father George to the stand again to answer charges that he sexually abused his daughter, when the trial resumes today.
The one time party mom's lead attorney Jose Baez claims their relationship was fraught with abuse, both emotional and sexual, which is why she concealed details of her daughter, Caylee's accidental drowning death.
The two-year-old body was found dumped in woodland near her Florida home. 
The case will likely get underway again today after Judge Belvin Perry called time on the trial early yesterday, scolding both legal teams for "gamesmanship."

He added that both legal teams were selectively interpreting his court orders and warned the lawyers that he won't stand for any of that anymore.
In open court, that if there is a pattern of intentional violations of his orders by the lawyers, and threatened to strike off witnesses if their gamesmanship continued, which in effect, would take the case back to square one.
So at 11am, with more than half the day remaining he sent them packing and ordered them back to the trial which will continue today. 

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