Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A NEWLY-WED husband whose wife tried to hire a hitman to kill him just months after he thought they had happily married has called her attempt on his life "senseless."
Mike Dippolito's wife Dalia thought they would part at death, six months into their marriage as she schemed to bump him off so she could get her hands on his Boyton Beach, FL home.
But the former escort girl's plot was foiled when an undercover detective posed as hitman and she was caught in an elaborate sting operation. 
The man she wed and Mike Dippolito called her plot "senseless" adding that he was still struggling to understand how the woman he thought loved him could do that to him. 
He told Good Morning America: "It's just something you can't imagine anybody could really do. It was so senseless for a girl, my wife, in the position she was in, to take those steps to do that. It was so unnecessary.
"We got along very well, we did everything together. If you listen to how her family talk about her how good of person she was, when I met her I was under the same impression."
Dalia, 28, was caught in an elaborate scheme by Boynton Beach cops who staged a fake CSI scene to fool her into thinking the murder of her husband had been carried out.
Her crocodile tears were captured on TV cameras after she pretended to weep after being told her husband had been murdered as she returned home.
She later looked on dumbstruck after her husband was led into a police station and her murder-for-hire plot was exposed.
She was caught after a former lover who she had entrusted to find a hitman told police
 Mike claimed he'd been suspicious of his wife for a while adding: "That day when they told me your wife is going to have you murdered come with us, everything just sort of fell into place.
"Everything I questioned and wasn't sure about, it just solidified for me , I knew 100 per cent I'm not crazy."
Jailing Dippolito for 20 years last week, Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath called her plot 'pure evil', and said she was taking advantage of her husband Michael, describing him as a 'a guy that was gullible.'

The judge added Dippolito had not shown any remorse and called her a 'puppet master' who took advantage of her husband
Mr Dippolito said he had started dating but doubted he would remarry.

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