Monday, July 11, 2011


AN EXPLOSIVE report in an Indiana newspaper over the weekend reveals that more than 13 people knew that Christian Choate was being tortured, abused and held in a dog cage. The Times of Munster said none of the people said a word to cops. Just one went to the Indiana Department of Child Services.
The 13-year-old boy died in 2009 after enduring eyars of torture, abuse and cruelty at the hands of his father, Riley Choate and stepmother, Kimberly Kubina. The sad, short life and death of Christian went unreported until cops dug up his body in May
from a shallow grave at a Gary, Indiana trailer park. An autopsy revealed he died of blunt force trauma. The couple now face murder and other charges. They've pleaded not guilty. One neighbor told The Times she remembered a children's service employee coming by the Choate home.
Lori Wingard said: "She never even stepped foot in the house. Kim (Kubina) came out of the house and stood there at the sidewalk and talked to the lady, and I just remember thinking, 'Go inside.'"
Wingard sold the family the dog cage where Christian was kept and tormented.
She added: "There are so many people that are involved that could have helped that little boy and didn't. I tried, and nothing was done." Guess social services wasn't listening to anyone on this matter and a sad, little boy died because of it.
Others were threatened with death and torture if they revealed the horrors inflicted on Christian, the Times said.  MORE THAN 13 KNEW CHRISTIAN CHOATE WAS BEING ABUSED

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