Monday, July 11, 2011


CASEY Anthony's distraught mother is refusing to give up on her daughter and will try to visit her behind bars again.
Cindy Anthony, was turned away when she went to Florida's Orange County Jail last week, after Casey was sensationally cleared of murdering her two-year-old Caylee.
It's thought that she was trying to rebuild some of the bridges burned during the explosive trial when Casey's lawyer, Jose Baez, claimed that she had been sexually abused by both her father, George and brother, Lee. A friend of the family revealed:
"Cindy was incredibly hurt and upset when Casey refused to speak to her. Despite everything, she is still her mother.
"She understands the huge toll this has take, but thinks it will be ten times worse once she is released, so she's desperate to try and sort, at least a few things out, before Casey is released on Sunday. 
"As much anything she was hoping to find out what her plans are, once she is freed."
Neither Cindy or George have had any contact with their daughter, since before the trial and they fear that, like them, she will be subjected to vicious death threats or possibly worse.
Their lawyer Cheney Mason, has already sent one letter threatening to kill Casey and the juror's who acquitted her to the authorities.
The friend added: "Cindy has already lost a granddaughter and she doesn't want to lose her daughter too."

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