Friday, July 15, 2011


ROB Lowe will not get to play accused wife killer Drew Peterson in a TV movie about his life if the former cop has anything to do with it.
'Ladykiller: The Drew Peterson Story,' was being filmed for Lifetime Television, about the strange disappearance of his fourth wife Stacey in 2007 and the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio who was found dead in the couple's bathtub in 2004. 
Her death was initially ruled accidental, but Drew was later charged with her murder - which he denies. Before her disappearance Stacy Peterson also reportedly told Rev. Neil Schori, a pastor at her church that Drew had confessed to the murders, something he denies.
"Ladykiller: The Drew Peterson Story," which Hollywood industry websites said last month was being filmed for Lifetime television, is based on what Peterson's attorney called an "extremely opinionated, blatantly biased, less than seriously researched and defamatory book."

The movie could also bias potential jurors against Peterson, a former suburban Chicago police officer who is awaiting trial in the death of his third wife, attorney Walter Maksym said.
And so has sent the company a "cease and desist" letter addressed to Lowe, Lifetime Entertainment and its parent companies, A&E Television Networks, Disney/ABC Television Group, Hearst Corporation, and other entities.
Peterson’s defense attorney, Joel Brodsky added to the Chicago Sun Times: "First and foremost we want to make sure Drew gets an unbiased jury pool.
“But even after the trial, if these people are making money from the use of his name, why shouldn’t Drew get some of that money? It’s his story.”
Maksym said he sent the letter Wednesday evening and had not received any responses.

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