Friday, July 15, 2011


FORMER NFL linebacker Eric Naposki was found guilty in the 17-year-old murder of man so he could get his hands on $1 million in life insurance.
Eric Naposki, who played or the New England Patriot's and Indiana Colts conspired to kill Bill McLaughlin, the 55-year-old millionaire boyfriend of his former lover Nanette Johnston Packard.
Prosecutors said Naposki was given a key to McLaughlin's Newport Beach, CA, home by Packard, so he could let himself for the 1994, killing. He then blasted McLaughlin six times, before heading to his job at a nearby bar where he worked as a bouncer. 

Packard, who stood to gain from the life insurance policy, will stand trial later this year. 
Cops said both had been suspects 17-years-ago, but the case had gone cold until new evidence came to light which implicated the dastardly pair.
McLaughlin's daughter Jenny said the verdict is relief for their family.
She said: "We very much miss our father and we're very sad over his loss," said daughter Jenny McLaughlin. "We're very happy that justice has been served on his behalf."
"And also for the 15 jurors who gave 15 days of their life and took this as a huge responsibility."
The defense had tried to pin the crime on Packard, alone, claiming Naposki, who also had four seasons in Europe with the Barcelona Dragons, didn't have enough time to kill McLaughlin, and said it made more sense that Johnston killed him.
But the jury disagreed, and found Naposki guilty of murder for financial gain.
"Eric Naposki is guilty of this," said prosecutor Matt Murphy. "This jury found the evidence was compelling. They convicted him and we got one more defendant to go on this thing."

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