Thursday, July 28, 2011


MOB King pin James 'Whitey' Bulger's moll has sold her share in her family's Boston home for just $1 to her twin sister.
Catherine Greig, who went on the run with the one time leader of the Winter Hill Gang for 16-years now faces charges of harboring a fugitive.
So in a bid to protect herself from penalties imposed by the criminal or civil courts she sold the house and land in South Boston to Margaret McCusker, according to a filing with the Suffolk Registry of Deeds.
Greig also sought to protect her $343,700 home in Quincy by declaring it covered by the state's Homestead Act, the Boston Globe.
During Greig's detention hearing, her attorney, Kevin Reddington, told the judge that his client was a "kind, gentle person" who had a "loving personality."

But prosecutor's are investigating whether to bring more charges against her and Bulger for crimes allegedly committed in California.
They found cash, weapons and even a grenade recovered from the Santa Monica, California, apartment that she apparently shared with Bulger for 15 years while he was being hunted by the FBI.
Authorities also found several forms of false identifications for the pair.
Bulger, who was the inspiration for Jack Nicholson's character in The Departed, has pleaded not guilty to all counts against him, including his alleged role in 19 murders.
Prosecutors say Bulger was the head of a South Boston Irish gang before he fled an impending racketeering indictment in 1995.
At the same time, he was an FBI informant whose handler tipped him off about the charges. 

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