Friday, August 19, 2011


CASEY Anthony's car which prosecutor's claimed 'smelled like death' because she had stored her daughter Caylee's body in it, has been scrapped.
DA lawyer's claimed that she had stored her the tragic toddler's body in the white Pontiac Sunfire, causing a huge stain in the trunk and a "shocking" smell according to Dr Arpad Vass, a researcher at the famous Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

He also claimed that the stench must have come from a human body, which prosecutor's said must have been Caylee's.
But despite seemingly overwhelming evidence against her, the 26-year-old, who was recently voted America's Most Hated Woman, was cleared by the Florida jury.
Now WOFL is reporting thatGeorge Anthony and his attorney dropped off Casey’s car at a  junkyard, although they claimed that they were ordered not to sell anything off it. 
With George, was her attorney Jose Baez who is currently being investigated by the Florida Bar for his ethics during the trial.
The probe is related to the controversy over Anthony’s probation for check fraud.
Her defense team argues that she completed probation in jail while awaiting trial for murder.
Judge Stan Strickland said Anthony was to start probation after she left jail, but that point was lost because of a clerical error.
Chief Judge Belvin Perry has ruled that Anthony must report by Aug. 26 for a year of supervised probation.
Perry faulted Anthony’s attorneys, writing that “the failure to abide by that order and the failure to notify the court of a known scrivener’s error in the order may be a violation of an attorney’s duty of candor.”
Anthony remains in hiding, after she was cleared, although she was last spotted in Ohio as we reported here.

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