Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A GUN toting, have a go granny took one look at the thief hiding in her bushes, pulled out her pistol and forced him to give himself up.
According to cops, along with his brother Jonathan Franklin, 26, had robbed a woman in Lake Worth, TX, when the cops spotted them and gave chase.
Bailing out of their car, the split up and ran.
Thinking he could fool by hiding, Franklin ducked underneath a large bush Cindy Irving's back yard and waited to make his escape.
But he hadn't banked on the gun toting granny, who spotted him hiding and walked out with her .357 magnum in her hand.
She told KFDW: “We were looking down towards that way and he was up underneath the bushes just hiding down on the ground.  
“We heard somebody say, ‘I give up, ma’am. I give up. The police are looking for me.’ And my son and I just stopped and we were startled.”
Unfazed, although wary that Franklin may have been armed Cindy replied: “I’m gonna tell ya I’ve got a gun. It’s in your best interest not to move."
She added: "So he laid there and stuck his hands out and I’m callin 911."
Within minutes Franklin was in handcuffs and cops also captured his brother.
Both face charges for strong arm robbery and evading police.

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