Wednesday, September 28, 2011


INDIANA COPS have identified the five victims found shot to death at two rural homes--and say the unknown killer was not among the corpses. The slayings Sunday near Laurel have triggered waves of fear and police are urging residents to be cautious. The victims are: Angela Napier, 47, Jacob Napier, 18, Roy Napier, 50, Melissa Napier, 23, and Henry Smith, 43. So far, cops say there are no suspects in the senseless slaughter, although the Napier family was widely believed to have been involved in the drug trade. Anyone with information to call police at 812-689-5000 or 911 immediately.
Police also urge residents in Laurel to be vigilant in
keeping themselves safe by locking their homes and vehicles at all times.
According to cops, a 4-year-old girl was found walking by herself near the scene of the crime on Sunday and a concerned neighbor asked the child if everything was okay. Mary Jane Kesler was driving with her husband John Sunday afternoon and noticed the girl walking along Stipps Hill Road. Kesler said the child seemed frantic and terrorized. She called 911.
Kesler said: "She was crying and she had her little thumb in her mouth and she looked terrorized and I said, 'Baby what's the matter?' She came over and she just clung to me because I opened the Jeep and got out and she said, 'Somebody has to help me they're all dead. Mamaw, Papaw and mommy is dead.'"

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