Monday, September 19, 2011


DID aging Lothario Gary Giordano have an accomplice in the bizarre disappearance of Robyn Gardner? In an exclusive story this week, the National Enquirer is reporting that cops in Aruba are hunting for a "heavily tattooed" man they suspect may have helped Giordano murder the pretty blonde dental assistant from Maryland. Sources tell the tab, that the mystery man was seen with Robyn and Giordano at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill "just before Giordano claims the pair went swimming" and "Robyn, caught by a current, never returned."

The source said: “Giordano took out a $1.5 million life insurance policy on Robyn and tried to collect on it just two days after she disappeared. Police believe he may have hired an accomplice to help him kill the unsuspecting woman and share in the money.”
Robyn went miss­ing Aug. 2, but the police only just learned of the suspect­ed accomplice when witnesses provided first-hand descriptions of the mystery man. Their reports triggered an island-wide man­hunt involving local police and the FBI. The Enquirer reports that cops learned that au­thorities are looking for a "white American with a stocky but muscular build. He’s about 40, with dark, curly hair and a large tattoo of a heart over a cross on his left arm and another unspecified tattoo on his left hand."
Spotted with Robyn just before she vanished, the mystery man was wear­ing new Nike tennis shoes, red and white socks, a light-colored muscle shirt and pricey sunglasses.
The case has triggered a flood of lurid stories and theories with pix of saucy Robyn prominent.


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